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Helping the Hungry

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I just deleted a few comments that were all from somebody who supposedly has some blogs about helping Fight World Hunger. The comment spamming and the suspicious looking urls didn’t inspire confidence. Anybody who wants to spend their money easing the suffering of the hungry can easily find reputable, effective organizations online.

I still remember collecting for UNICEF during Halloween night as a child.

Craigslist Item of the Day

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Note: I am not promoting this website, I am reviewing it. Here is an example of a very optimistic sales pitch on Craigslist:

Are you tired of the Daily Commute?

Are you tired of the Corporate “Rat Race”?

Are you tired of making everyone else Rich?

Finally, take control of your life and start living
the way you and your family deserve. This is a
legititmate $250,000 first year opportunity. Please
visit my website for all the life changing details:

The website includes a loud annoying audio sales pitch and a picture of the Internet Millionaire’s old rusty car beside a picture of him in a nice suit leaning against his new luxury car. I have to wonder if either of these cars are actually his. The old car photo looks like a typical Auto Trader photo.

He misspelled the word legitimate in his ad. It would have never appeared in my feeds if he had spelled it correctly because I filter out legitimate jobs. Seriously, I administer a site that pulls thousands of postings a day for me to review and every single one that ever uses that word is a scam.

Weightloss Water?

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008


First off, for the sake of search engines… X2O is a SCAM

This product is touted as a breakthrough discovery in natural science, but it is really just a means to an end for an MLM scheme. Multilevel marketing has to have a product in order to be legal in the USA and many other countries. Selling little bags of electrolytes to people who are desperate to lose weight fits the bill. I tried to find out exactly what was in the product, but the site is more about enlisting salespeople. They even sell amphetamines so they can have wired salespeople.

I have a life sciences degree and I can concur with the hype to the extent that drinking an adequate supply of water is important to good health.

Here is a silly testimonial that is meant to be taken seriously…

I have been drinking 40-50 oz. of soda every night working the over night shift for the last 9 years. There are no words to explain how I feel after using X20. This product has been a blessing for me and my family. I feel alert, healthy and have more energy to work. As an added bonus…I LOST WEIGHT TOO! THAT IS GREAT! Thank you Xooma for this X20 product.

Hmm… So a Floridian stops drinking 40-50 ounces of soda and replaces it with water. That reduces daily caloric intake by over 500 calories, yet the happy customer credits the packets of proprietary electrolytes with the improved health and weight loss. Do you think that customer might also be selling the stuff?

EDIT: As an added bonus, this Weight Loss Water miracle comes complete with a Lexan bottle, which is quite possibly carcinogenic.