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A Little Housekeeping Required for

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Kimkins is optimized for search engines. The SEP work was carried out before Heidi Diaz came clean about her actual weight. If you search the term Kimkins on Google, you will see at the top of the search. Below the site description are seven links to pages within the site. One of them is the old Who is Kimmer page. On that page is the fraudulent after picture and also the 198 lb weight loss claim and the text of the old interview with Jimmy Moore. This page should be deleted. I have to wonder whether it had been left up on purpose.

Edit: The page no longer accessible.

Using Google Adwords Well

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

PPC Professional Steve Baker has a website that is devoted to helping people better understand how to run an effective adwords campaign. He has created a a comprehensive guide to . He guides you through the basics of keyword generation and grouping. He gives valuable advice about writing your text. He reveals some important details about creating a landing page that the Google will like. The thing that most novices are intimidated by is the bidding process. Obviously a campaign will usually have the goal of increasing your revenue so overbidding is asking for disappointment. Steve Baker has some great rules of thumb on how to start your bidding based on your goals and your budget. Adwords has built in tools to help you manage things. Steve points them out and explains them in language that a newcomer to the process can easily understand.

When you have adwords on the landing page associated with your ad campaign, your expenses will be offset by some increased revenue. If you look at the ads by Google that are on this page, you will probably see some that are relevant to the content of my site and some that are not as relevant. Some of the advertisers are getting a better return on their investment than others.

Are People Buying What You Are Selling?

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

I have heard several different success stories relating to online marketing and I have noticed some recurring trends. Often there is an engaging personality who creates something in an online social setting to which other people ascribe a value. At first there may be an informal non-monetized way in which the supply and demand is met within the original social network. And then a voice says “You should have you own website and have an online store!”

This voice might be inside the creator’s head, or it might be a friend or a fan.

I have actually witnessed one instance where the person in question ignored that voice. If you have heard that voice but you are having trepidation, take some time to look at the ecommerce hosting and cheap business web hosting solutions offered by AQHost. They are a design and hosting service with packages ranging from an amazingly affordable starter pack right up to corporate hosting.

All packages include an easy to use control panel. When you get a business level, you do away with a few limitations that are inherent in the starter packages. You get an unlimited number of email accounts. You get an unlimited number of FTP accounts. You even get unlimited MySQL 4 Databases. Money making websites range from eStores that sell homemade jewelry to paid membership sites that sell ideas and insider information. A merchant account with AQHost will mean that you can accept credit card payment from major credit cards. I was not surprised to read that 85% of transactions online involve credit card payment. If you have a business model up and running that does not accept credit cards, you could expect at least a 40% increase in business from just that one change.